Amazing Video: Diving in Fiji


The Fiji Islands are simply a magical place that many of us dream about visiting. Amazing diving in Fiji is waiting for you. The next best thing to being there, is watching these amazing underwater videos. Discover and explore.

There are few places on earth that are as magnificent and gorgeous as the Fiji Islands. Along with that beauty are amazing underwater corals and sea life that scuba divers travel from all over the globe to experience.


Diving in Fiji


Simply stunning! It is incredible that the soft and hard corals can have so much color. This is truly a magnificent diving destination and place to visit. When watching this underwater video, I could truly appreciate the beauty of nature. How many types of fish and marine life species can you identify?

Scuba divers dream of visiting here. Have you been there yet?

Amazing Videos – Diving in Fiji

You could travel the world and see many extraordinary things in the oceans, but not many places can top the dive sites around the Fiji Islands.

Video: Wananavu Fiji

The underwater scenery is rich and vibrant in this short movie. The marine life is wonderful to watch. Just wish I was there too. Enjoy the beautiful images of gorgeous corals miscellaneous sea life.

Video: Fiji Beqa Island

Wow! I don’t know if I want to get this close to huge tiger sharks. But this brave scuba diver did, and the images are fantastic. Follow along as the dive progresses, watching large of fishes clouding up the water column. It is fun trying to identify the various fish species. So much diversity. What a time this would be.

Beqa Island is known for big sharks. It’s feeding time! See sharks, big snappers, remoras, jacks, runners and a plethora of fishes. They are all trying to feed, without getting eaten.

Another Amazing Diving in Fiji Video Experience:

Is this destination on your diving bucket list? If not, if should be.

You dream about it. Why not do it?