Barracuda Attacks Giant Trevally – Cool Footage


This is cool fly fishing footage from the pristine waters off of Alphonse Island. You can clearly watch and see as the barracuda attacks a giant trevally right at the edge of the boat.

The anglers were shocked when the pelagic fish attacked its prey.


Watching the barracuda attacking the giant trevally makes me want to get out on the water and hook up with a big fish too!


Barracudas are natural ambush predators. They will lurk motionless in the shadows underneath your boat and wait until the time to strike!

Then, BAM! Out of nowhere at lightning fast speed, the prey has been struck and usually taken from your hook.

Excellent video footage from the crew at AOS Fly Fishing. Wish they would produce more.

Did you enjoy this fishing video? Barracudas are an amazing fish species. They have razor sharp teeth that look like fangs and thin shaped for super speeds and agile maneuverability.

Have you ever fished Alphonse Island, near the Seychelles? It looks amazing.

What a magnificent angling destination.