Charlotte County FL Reefs and Wrecks – GPS Coordinates


See this list of Charlotte County FL reefs and wrecks locations. Get GPS coordinates and general information about the fishing or diving spots.

artificial reef photo
Photo by jbarreiros

This area of Southwest Florida includes Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte and parts of Boca Grande.


These spots are accessible from a few different passes in the area. Most boaters will travel to these artificial reefs by way of Charlotte Harbour and Boca Grande Pass. World renowned for a deep pass and amazing tarpon fishing.


Many anglers consider Boca Grande Pass as the Tarpon Fishing Capital of the World.

But there is much more fishing and diving to explore in this SW Florida area. See the lists of spots below and check them out.

Remember these GPS coordinates and latitude / longitude numbers are starting waypoints.

Dig around these fishing locations and diving spots, and generate your own location coordinates based upon your navigational plotters and equipment.


Charlotte County, FL Reefs and Wrecks - GPS Coordinates

Reef NameLatitudeLongitudeReef MaterialsDepth
Captain Jeff Steele Reef-#09-126° 55.674' N 82° 35.832' WConcrete Culverts60
Captain Jeff Steele Reef N-526° 55.830' N82° 35.897' WConcrete Culverts55
Captain Jeff Steele Reef N-426° 55.823' N 82° 35.890' WConcrete Culverts55
Captain Jeff Steele Reef N-326° 55.826' N82° 35.915' WCulverts55
Captain Jeff Steele Reef N-226° 55.820' N 82° 35.910' WCulverts55
Captain Jeff Steele Reef N-126° 55.819' N 82° 35.893' WCulverts55
Tremblay Reef Barge26° 48.415' N82° 22.651' W90' Barge Vessel42
Tremblay Reef26° 48.350' N 82° 22.700' WBridge Rubble41
Palm Island Barge Reef26° 49.221' N82° 31.879' W70' Steel Barge56
Palm Island Ferry Reef26° 49.236' N82° 31.951' W60' Steel Ferry55
Marys Reef Site26° 46.235' N 82° 18.430' WCulverts29
Novak Reef #126° 48.570' N82° 19.700' WBridge Spans29
Novak Reef #226° 48.571' N 82° 19.701' WBridge Spans30
Novak Reef #326° 48.572' N 82° 19.702' WBridge Spans30
Novak Reef #426° 48.573' N 82° 19.703' WBridge Spans30
Novak Reef 04-Buoy#126° 48.500' N82° 19.541' WCulverts30
Novak Reef 04-Buoy#126° 48.671' N82° 19.620' WCulverts30
Novak Reef 04-Buoy#126° 48.680' N82° 19.604' WCulverts30
Novak Reef 04-Buoy#326° 48.604' N82° 19.654' WCulverts30
Novak Reef 04-Buoy#326° 48.644' N82° 19.539' WCulverts30


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More Charlotte County Florida Artificial Reefs

Reef NameLatitudeLongitudeReef MaterialsDepth
Charlotte Harbor Reef (Bay)26° 50.500' N82° 5.317' WBridge Concrete12
Charlotte Harbor Site (Bay)26° 50.600' N82° 5.317' WCulverts12
Charlotte Harbour #1 (Bay)26° 50.650' N82° 5.317' WCulverts12
Charlotte Harbor Site A (Bay)26° 50.989' N82° 5.317' WReef Balls12
Charlotte Harbor Site B (Bay)26° 50.989' N82° 5.296' WReef Balls12
Charlotte Harbor Site A26° 51.502' N82° 5.318' WReef Balls12
Charlotte Harbor Site B 26° 51.502' N82° 5.296' WReef Balls12
Cape Haze Reef (Bay)26° 45.769' N82° 9.446' WCulvert Bundles18
M-1426° 52.269' N82° 26.430' WCulverts45
Stump Pass 3 Mile Reef26° 52.256' N82° 26.434' WCulverts42
Stump Pass 3 Mile Reef26° 52.269' N82° 26.430' WCulverts45
Danger Reef 26° 45.554' N82° 11.167' W40' Crewboat12
Boca Grande Reef26° 38.200' N82° 17.083' WConcrete Pilings
Englewood Fish Haven26° 54.700' N82° 21.800' WBridge Rubble22


This part of Florida is loaded with all kinds of great fishing and diving. Explore and see what new spots you can find.

Enjoy your days fishing and diving on these spots, but be safe.