Is this the world’s largest Great White Shark? Watch this video and see what you think!


The amazing video showcases ‘Deep Blue’. This is believed to be the biggest Great White Shark ever filmed or seen.


For that matter, maybe the biggest shark of any kind.

The divers hang on to dive cage as the large predator comes in close to investigate. Just the head and gills section of the shark looks as long as the divers in the cage.

This amazing underwater footage was filmed off the coast of Guadalupe Island, Mexico.

Diver and Videographer, Michael Maier, first filmed ‘Deep Blue’ in 2103. Watch the extended footage in the video. The huge shark dwarfs the divers in the cage.

Is This the World’s Largest Great White Shark?

Deep Blue‘ is approximately 7 meters long.

Which is the equivalent to about 23 foot long! Wow!

I believe that this is certainly one of the world’s largest great white sharks ever filmed.


[Top Header Image: Flickr / Elias Levy – CC]