34 NRDA Reef Modules Sunk in Old Casino Reef Area – GPS Coordinates – Pensacola


The Old Casino Reef site off Pensacola Beach, FL has been given new life. The summer of 2017 saw the completion of 34 artificial reef modules deployed in this popular area.

artificial reef modules photo
Photo by MyFWCmedia

The revived near-shore artificial reef site area in the Gulf of Mexico, is just over one mile SSE off Casino Beach. The water depth runs from 50 to 60 feet deep.


The Escambia County’s Marine Resources Division completed the sinking of 34 concrete tetrahedron modules into 7 different patch reef groupings.


The NRDA reef modules were of two different sizes, a ‘ST’ module and a ‘LT’ module.

The ‘ST’ modules (Small Concrete Tetrahedrons) are 8-feet tall and the ‘LT’ modules (Large Concrete Tetrahedrons) are 18 feet tall.

NRDA Reef Deployment Coordinates – in Old Casino Reef site area

The seven patch reef groupings are close together, but also spaced far enough apart to accommodate many fishing or dive boats at a time.

Over time, the different groupings should lend itself to a wide range of fishing and diving activities. This near-shore reef off of Pensacola Beach, Florida is a great addition.

NRDA Reef Deployment GPS Coordinates

These concrete tetrahedron shaped modules were sunk within the Old Casino Reef site area, summer 2017.
Patch Cluster 1
ST0930° 18.793’ N87° 07.441’ W
LT3230° 18.787’ N87° 07.437’ W
ST2330° 18.787’ N87° 07.431’ W
ST0330° 18.785’ N87° 07.448’ W
ST0430° 18.780’ N87° 07.439’ W
Patch Cluster 2
ST0130° 18.802’ N87° 07.390’ W
ST1830° 18.797’ N87° 07.382’ W
LT3130° 18.798’ N87° 07.394’ W
ST1630° 18.795’ N87° 07.398’ W
ST0230° 18.789’ N87° 07.392’ W
Patch Cluster 3
ST1430° 18.812’ N87° 07.342’ W
LT38 ST3230° 18.806’ N87° 07.342’ W
ST0730° 18.806’ N87° 07.352’ W
ST1730° 18.804’ N87° 07.337’ W
ST2530° 18.797’ N87° 07.343’ W
Patch Cluster 4
ST0630° 18.819’ N87° 07.298’ W
LT3330° 18.814’ N87° 07.299’ W
ST1330° 18.812’ N87° 07.289’ W
ST2730° 18.813’ N87° 07.306’ W
ST0830° 18.806’ N87° 07.297’ W
Patch Cluster 5
ST1530° 18.828’ N87° 07.249’ W
LT3430° 18.823’ N87° 07.251’ W
ST2030° 18.821’ N87° 07.241’ W
ST2130° 18.822’ N87° 07.257’ W
ST1930° 18.815' N87° 07.249’ W
Patch Cluster 6
ST1230° 18.761’ N87° 07.382’ W
ST1030° 18.755’ N87° 07.390’ W
ST1130° 18.754’ N87° 07.374’ W
LT37 ST3030° 18.754’ N87° 07.383’ W
ST2930° 18.748’ N87° 07.383’ W
Patch Cluster 7
ST2430° 18.770’ N87° 07.334’ W
ST2830° 18.762’ N87° 07.343’ W
LT36 ST2630° 18.762’ N87° 07.333’ W
LT35 ST0530° 18.759’ N87° 07.327’ W

I grouped the listing of Latitude and Longitude GPS coordinates into the seven different patch reefs clusters as sunk along the bottom.

Grouping the GPS Lat/Lon coordinates within each individual cluster will make it easier to map out and target a particular location within this near-shore artificial reef area.