Tug Ocean Wind – Artificial Reef SSE of Pensacola Pass


The 87′ Steel Tug Ocean Wind is a newer artificial reef, located about 10 miles SSE of Pensacola Pass. The 141 ton tugboat rests in about 82 feet of water and promises to be a prime fishing spot and scuba diving destination.

Learn more about this reef, as well as the GPS coordinates and waypoints.


Featured Video of Sinking: Escambia County Deploys New 141 Ton Artificial Reef


Escambia County’s Marine Resources Division recently announced that it successfully deployed a 87-foot-long, 141-ton steel tugboat, Ocean Wind, to serve as the county’s newest artificial reef, as of January 13, 2016. The reef is located approximately 10 miles southeast of Pensacola in the Gulf of Mexico.

The footage shows the tugboat sinking from various camera angles. It is fascinating watching it sink. As it lands on the sea floor, she rights herself.

The county used monies from the Florida Artificial Reef Program to prepare the tug for sinking.

Calling Anglers and Divers

This scuttled tug will offer fishermen and divers a wide assortment of angling and diving experiences. As the reef matures, you may expect to catch and see various reef fishes and pelagic species.

Tug Ocean Wind GPS Coordinates:

Here are two sets of Latitude / Longitude waypoints. They mark different sections of the sunken ship wreck reef.

30 10.995′ N
087 12.017′ W


30 10.990’ N
087 12.025’ W

Water Depth: 82 feet
87-foot steel tugboat
Reefed: Jan. 13, 2016

Located just to the SE of the San Pablo (Russian Freighter).

Video: Tugboat Ocean Wind becomes an Artificial Reef

Published on Jan 22, 2016

MyFWC, in coordination with Escambia County Marine Resources Division, partnered to sink the 87 foot long steel hulled tugboat called Ocean Wind in Jan. 2016.

She was scuttled approximately 10 nautical miles SSE of Pensacola Pass in state Gulf waters. The depth is 82 to 85 feet. This workhorse tugboat is Escambia County’s featured artificial reef in early 2016. As a little time passes, it is expected to become a productive offshore fishing and scuba diving destination.

Enjoy these fishing and diving resources, but also respect other people’s space at the same time.